“He is clearly a talented DJ “

Awesome DJ!!! My husband and I were married in July and afterwards people asked us if we had any regrets from the wedding but we honestly didn’t have any. That was true until we attended a wedding on 8/29/2015 that was DJ’ed by DJ One Tyme. He was BY FAR the best DJ that I have seen at a wedding!!! The songs he played kept the party going all night but more than that, you could tell that there was thought put into how all the songs fit together. And he is clearly a talented DJ because the transition from song to song was seamless. He was really in tune with the crowd and was able to play the right songs at the right time. He also had a great set up with videos, lights, etc. that really enhanced the experience. He looked professional at the wedding and represented himself well. We had an incredibly fun time at this wedding and a big reason for that was DJ One Tyme!

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